Linguistics News, Announcements, and Publications

Linguistics News, Announcements, and Publications

  • 5/12/2018

    Congratulations to all our Spring 2018 graduates!

    B.A. in Linguistics

    • Jeannelle Alford
    • Justin Brook
    • Tony Gao
    • Ryan Grunow
    • Delilah Hansen
    • Elizabeth Heinen
    • Miriam Horsley
    • Anqi Hu
    • Merrill Huang
    • Elisa Jimenez
    • Amanda Kim
    • Madeline Kopija
    • Hannah McCarthy
    • Lizette Mojica
    • Caitlyn Palubin
    • Olivia Scott
    • Andrew Smith
    • Chloe Valtos
    • Christian Wilks
    • Emma Williams
    • Katelyn Wonderlin

    B.S. in Computer Science and Linguistics

    • Armaan Bhatia
    • Kaitlyn Byrne
    • Austin Chung
    • Cody Crofts
    • Ismael Cuevas
    • Arken Ibrahim
    • Nanjiang Jiang
    • William Klock
    • Ryan Lai
    • Henry Magnuson
    • Avani Pai
    • James Rathslag
    • Brian Stroner
    • Ayberk Tosun
    • Adam Vilmin

    M.A. in Linguistics

    • Shuju Shi
    • Yan Sun
    • Anna Tsiola

    M.A. in Teaching English as a Second Language

    • Maryam Almuhanna
    • Colin Anderson
    • Evan Branson
    • Jennifer Brown
    • Alexander Burkel
    • Emily Chen
    • Jessica Chia
    • Ping-Lin Chuang
    • Hannah Harris
    • Marie Henehan
    • Hena Kearfott
    • Alexis Kim
    • Pamela Kline
    • Erika Latham
    • QinchunLi
    • Daniel Rivera Pimentel
    • Sebastian Rocheleau
    • Xin Xiang

    Ph.D. in Linguistics

    • Marissa Barlaz
    • John Jang
    • Amelia Kimball
    • Kate Lyons
    • Timothy Mahrt
  • 5/1/2018

    Lydia successfully defended her dissertation on 11 April, 2018, and will be graduating later in August.  She is also invited for a campus interview for an Assistant Professor position at Michigan State University, but she has decided to withdraw her candidacy there in favor of CUHK.


    Congratulations to her, and to all those who mentored her during her graduate training!


  • 3/28/2018

    UIUC linguistics undergrad Shayne Chammavanijakul’s magazine Dill was recently written up in the New York Times: Congratulations, Shayne!

  • 3/26/2018

     This book examines the interactional practices of nurse practitioners (NPs) and the delivery of health care in the US. The author takes a discourse analytic approach, examining the linguistic resources that NPs employ in their interactions with patients. These linguistic features are connected to the concept of professional competency with specific focus on the enactment of the patient-centered approach. Analytic focus is placed on how NPs address organizational responsibilities during medical visits with patients, the form and function of patient education, the use of indirect speech, and the role that small talk plays in health care encounters. The book explores the understudied professional field of nurse practitioners and examines their linguistic practices with an eye on crossing disciplinary boundaries, integrating research from linguistics, discourse analysis and health communication. It will appeal to those interested in medical discourse analysis and health communication, as well as applied linguistics scholars.

    Staci Defibaugh is an Assistant Professor of Applied Linguistics in the English Department at Old Dominion University, USA. Her research examines the interactional practices of nurse practitioner-patient visits, the role of neoliberalism in healthcare in the US, and the positioning of patients as being responsible for their health.

  • 3/12/2018

    Contemporary Trends in Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics

     Selected papers from the Hispanic Linguistic Symposium 2015

    Jonathan E. MacDonald | University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    Contemporary Trends in Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics offers a panorama of current research into multiple varieties of Spanish from several different regions (Mexico, Puerto Rico, Spain, Costa Rica, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Honduras), Catalan, Brazilian Portuguese, as well as varieties in contact with English and Purépecha. The first part of the volume focuses on the structural aspects and use of these languages in the areas of syntax, semantics, sociolinguistics, diachrony, phonetics, phonology and morphology. The second part discusses the effect of interacting multiple grammars, namely, first language acquisition, second language acquisition, varieties in contact, and bilingualism. As a whole, the contributions in this volume provide a methodological balance between qualitative and quantitative approaches to Language and, in this way, represent contemporary trends in Hispanic and Lusophone linguistics.
    [Issues in Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics, 15]  2018.  ix, 376 pp.
    Publishing status: Available