Department of Psychology News

Prof. Kara Federmeier received new NIH grant

12/7/2018  8:45 am

We are delighted to announce that Prof. Kara Federmeier has received grant 2R01AG026308 from the National Institute of Aging. The project title is "Hemispheric differences in memory and language". The total cost of the project is $1,662,824.00. Narrative:Language comprehension is a crucial component of human life, and a reduction in language capabilities, as a function of advancing age or with brain damage as from a left hemisphere stroke, has important personal and societal costs. The proposed research examines language comprehension differences across the two cerebral hemispheres and as a function of age in order to understand what factors characterize and promote effective language processing, not only for immediate comprehension but for the longer-term retention of verbal material. The long-term goal is to uncover ways to protect against or compensate for age-, trauma-, or disease-related reductions in the ability to comprehend and remember language. Congratulations!