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Notes from Sam Contreras: Semester in Rome

3/3/2018  8:00 am

February 15

I officially departed from home one month ago. It is as difficult as I thought studying abroad would be. Being Latinx and the first one in my family to have ever studied abroad, I knew the ocean between my family and I would bring some anxieties, and it surely has. However, despite the homesickness, this is something I have always wanted to do and something I had to do for myself. Plus, I am living in ROME, the eternal city! Everywhere I turn I see something new and beautiful. What I hope to get out of this trip is a new look on the world around me and a sense of independence I have never had before. This is the most independent I have ever been in my life. As I learn a lot about other cultures I am learning a lot about myself. I have been fortunate enough to travel every single weekend, both in and outside of Italy, since I have arrived. Traveling has been amazing, but I am looking forward to spending the weekend in Rome the first weekend in March. Being able to explore Italy and other countries has really given me a new appreciation for different cultures, architecture, and food. I am looking forward to all the countries I am going to visit, practicing my Italian (hopefully I can stop confusing it with Spanish soon), and most importantly the arrival of my family in April!