Asian American Studies

AAS Spring 2019 Course List

10/1/2018  8:00 am

It's not too early to begin considering your courses for next semester! Starting on October 5, the full list of Spring Semester courses will be available on Course Explorer. Priority registration begins on October 29th, and registration will open up to all students on November 19.

In the meantime, here are the courses the Department of Asian American Studies will be offering this coming semester:

  • AAS 100:  Intro to Asian American Studies
  • AAS 215:  U.S. Citizenship Comparatively
  • AAS 260:  Intro to Asian American Theatre
  • AAS 265:  Politics of Hip Hop
  • AAS 283:  Asian American History
  • AAS 297:  Asian Families in America
  • AAS 299:  Narratives of Migration
  • AAS 300:  Theories of Race, Gender, and Sexuality
  • AAS 310:  Race and Cultural Diversity
  • AAS 315:  War, Memory, and Cinema
  • AAS 365:  Asian American Media and Film
  • AAS 479:  Race, Medicine, and Society