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April 2010

News: AEMS featured as Library of the Week!

The Asian Educational Media Service Library was featured as Library of the Week by the Lincoln Trail Libraries System.  Read the interview with AEMS staff and see the wonderful video created by LTLS staff Michelle Ralston.  [Read more...]

published: 03/31/2010


Film Review: To Tell the Truth - The Liu Binyan Story

This documentary film traces very well the life and career of the foremost practitioner and perhaps even the founder of the so-called reportage school of Chinese literature.As far back as the Hundred Flowers Movement of 1956, Liu dared to stand up and challenge the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) from within for not living up to its stated ideals.For his troubles, along with hundreds of thousands of other students and intellectuals, the film shows how he was purged and imprisoned for many years at the start of the CCPs Anti-Rightist Campaign of 1957. [Read more...]

published: 03/23/2010


AsiaLENS Screening: April 6th - "The Betrayal"

A lyrical melding of memoir, cinema verit and historical inquiry, The Betrayal is an exquisitely crafted tale of a country and a family torn asunder, and the long and painful process of repair.

[Read more...]

published: 03/23/2010


AsiaLENS Screening: May 4th - "Can't Go Native"

In 1961 graduate student Keith Brown went to Mizusawa in northeastern Japan to gather material for his doctoral dissertation on Japanese kinship. Professor Emeritus Keith Brown still visits Mizusawa to collect data but also to be among friends he has known for decades. Cant Go Native? is a media portrait of Keiths ongoing involvement in the evolution of a Japanese community. Handy as the internet is for capturing snapshots of activity we need extended fieldwork in order to apprehend those rhythms of human relations that anchor Japanese society in the tidal surges of global change. We present a Japanese case study that addresses the need for long term research as populations continue to age. [Read more...]

published: 03/21/2010


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