Astronomy News

Benjamin McCall Elected OSA Fellow

Published Date:January 5, 2016

Prof. Ben McCall has been elected as a Fellow to the Optical Society. Prof. McCall is being honored specifically for the development of ultrasensitive, ultrahigh resolution molecular ion spectroscopy methods that help elucidate chemical and physical conditions in interstellar clouds.

Published Date: January 5, 2016

Illinois Prof uses to Hubble capture first-ever predicted exploding star

Published Date:December 16, 2015

A team of astronomers, including UIUC Prof. Ryan Foley, has captured an image of the first-ever predicted supernova explosion. The supernova was observed last year behind a galaxy cluster whose gravity is warping the supernova’s light. The team predicted that the supernova would reappear this year.

Published Date: December 16, 2015

Grad Student at the South Pole

Published Date:December 15, 2015

Andrew Nadolski, pictured at the South Pole Telescope, is at the geographic south pole at the NSF Amundsen–Scott South Pole Station. Andy will be down there for 2 months working on telescope and camera maintenance and preparing for the deployment of a new camera (SPT-3G) in 2016.

Published Date: December 15, 2015


Published Date:November 24, 2015

This month marks the 100th anniversary of Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity, which outlines principles of space, time and gravity. Stuart Shapiro, professor of physics and astronomy and an expert in general relativity, talks about the theory, what it is and what we’ve learned in 100 years.

Published Date: November 24, 2015

Machine Learning Could Solve Riddles of Galaxy Formation

Published Date:November 12, 2015

A new, faster modeling technique for galaxy formation has been developed by University of Illinois student Harshil Kamdar and professor Robert Brunner. The technique uses machine learning to cut down computing times from thousands of computing hours to mere minutes.

Published Date: November 12, 2015