Global Studies Spotlight

Zsuzsa Gille

As a sociologist working in transnational and global sociology I have always felt very strongly about building a future for global studies at the University of Illinois. I have served on the Global Studies Faculty Advisory Committee on and off for more than ten years (when it was still called International Studies). Recently, I also collaborated with current Director Tom Bassett and History Professor Roderick Wilson on a new gateway course for the sustainability track of the major. My own work has focused on environmental and food problems as they are impacted by globalization, with a primary focus on Eastern Europe and the European Union. I have enjoyed teaching many students with global studies major in my courses, and have found them to be the most engaged, best-informed and most ambitious students of all. This excellence is well reflected in the many amazing research projects that Global Studies majors undertake. I am looking forward to working with these outstanding young men and women as the new Director of the Global Studies major starting in the Fall of 2017.
6/22/2016  8:00 am

Department:   Sociology
Specialization/Research Interests: Global and Transnation Sociology, Environmental Sociology, European Union

Education:   Ph.D., Sociology, University of California, Santa Cruz. 1999.