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Professor Mendenhall works on documentaries.

5/17/2016  8:00 am

SAGE Publications in London filmed Ruby Mendenhall for their new project Research Methods, Statistics and Evaluation Video Collection due to launch in September 2016. They produced two Case Study methods videos based on her research. The first video is called “Researching Black Mothers’ Role Strain Using Hierarchical Regression Analysis.” The second video is called “Tired to the Bone: Researching Black Mothers’ Symptoms of PTSD and Depression Using Cluster Analysis and Logistic Regression.”

As part of her South Chicago Black Mothers’ Resiliency Project, Professor Ruby Mendenhall is co-producing a documentary with Lisa Butler (Director and Producer) called What's Left Behind.  The documentary gives mothers on the South side of Chicago who lost their children to violence to tell their stories about their experiences with trauma and grief.

Mendenhall is also working on a documentary about how to design spaces of hope for mothers who live in neighborhoods with high levels of violence. The project is called De.SH(ie) - Designing Spaces of Hope (interiors and exteriors). Her collaborators are Malaika McKee, Nicole Lamers, and Marci Uihlein.  The mothers will work with architects to design a health and wellness center/campus on the south side of Chicago and the process is called a Revolutionary Charrette.

Photograph taken by Dave Cottrell during the SAGE filming.