GWS Spotlight

Undergraduate Student Spotlight on Anuoluwapo Osideko

10/29/2014  8:00 am


What are your academic and/or career interests?

I will be going to graduate school for a Master’s in Public Health immediately after graduating in May, and then work towards a PhD in the same field. I aspire to either become a professor at an intensive research institution or a Director of an International NGO.


Why did you choose Gender and Women's Studies?

I chose Gender and Women's Studies as a minor because of the beautiful correlation between health and women. Looking at research on how diet effects women develop certain chronic conditions between different ethnicities is interesting. The best part about GWS is the flexibility and the unapologetic attitude that is set, giving me the leeway to freely express my opinions and discuss controversial issues uncomfortable to most.  


What have you enjoyed most about GWS? What surprises you about the field of GWS?

I have enjoyed the raw, unfiltered truth that instructors give to the class. When I enter the room they do not treat me like a student, rather as if I were their colleague constantly challenging my views and theories beyond certain issues. Everything surprises me within the department, I go into the course with no expectation besides knowing that I will be pushed to defend everything that come out of my mouth.


What has been your favorite class in GWS and why?

This is quite a difficult question because I feel as if each course I’ve taken has been my favorite, but Professor Terri Barnes GWS 380, Black Women, Histories and Cultures by far has been my favorite. Her wisdom and knowledge supported the context provided in the course, and those 10 page papers helped me truly understand the unsung story of black women serving as leaders who look like me.  


What do you do outside of class?

Outside the class I am the President of Frontiers International Healthcare Society and have volunteered in Ghana, India and Nigeria. I am a member of Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society and Mortar Board Honor Society and also serve as International Awareness and Involvement chair of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. For the past three years I have been a resident adviser at Private Certified Housing. Also, I have the honor to be a McNair Scholar and Illinois Capitol Scholar and recently published my first manuscript while working as an undergraduate research assistant.


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