GWS Spotlight

Spotlight on GWS 378: Fairy Tales and Gender Formation for Summer 1

4/18/2017  8:00 am


GWS 378: Fairy Tales & Gender Formation

SUMMER I: valerie o’brien

May 15 – June 9

MTWR 9:30-12:20

CRN: 39097


Universal and timeless, fairy tales remain as influential today as ever. In GWS 378 we’ll examine classic and contemporary versions of fairy tales such as Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, and Beauty and the Beast to understand how these tales prepare children for the sexual and social relationships of adulthood. We’ll encounter a bullfighting Snow White, a vampiric Sleeping Beauty, and heroines who use their wits to resist predators from fathers to fascists. Prepare to be shocked by the dark original tales and enchanted by contemporary retellings!