News & Announcements for CSAMES 2016

Spring 2016: Persian Poetry Classes taught by Dr. Richard (Dick) Davis

Linda Bauer
12/30/2015  12:00 pm

He will be teaching two courses:

SAME 199-Saints, Lovers, and Heroes in Persian Poetry, cross listed with CWL 199.
Persian has one of the great literatures of the world and is really worth getting to know for anyone who cares even the tiniest bit about literature. We shall sample the major genres of Persian poetry - epic, romance, mystical verse, lyric verse- and spend 15 weeks in the company of characters who are utterly different from us in some ways and startlingly like us in others. You do not need to read/speak Persian to take this class.

See details in the Course Explorer

SAME 490 - Masters of Persian Classical Poetry (In Persian), cross listed with LING 404.
We shall look at short poems and excerpts from long poems by the acknowledged masters (and a few mistresses) of Persian poetry. We shall read the poems in Persian, and if you can read Persian - middling competence will be enough - the instructor promises you a feast of a course. Don?t worry if you can?t speak Persian very well, English will do for discussion as long as you can read the texts.

See details in the Course Explorer