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Professor Craig Williams, Classics, named Center for Advanced Study Associate for 2017-18

2/6/2017  8:00 am

Craig Williams, Professor and Director of Graduate Studies Department of the Classics, has been named a CAS (Center for Advanced Study) Associate for the 2017-18 academic year.

Each year, the tenured and untenured U of I faculty are invited to submit scholarly or creative proposals for consideration by the Center’s permanent Professors. Faculty members with winning proposals are appointed Associates and Fellows and awarded one semester of release time to pursue their projects in the coming academic year.

Williams’ project is entitled "Orpheus Crosses the Atlantic: Greek and Latin Texts by Native Americans in Colonial New England."

Associates are invited to participate in CAS events and have opportunities to present their work to the CAS community. Thus, each year brings together the established and the new in an ever-changing flux of ideas and disciplines.