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Professor Antony Augoustakis co-edits new book on TV series about Spartacus

12/7/2016  8:00 am

Antony Augoustakis, Professor and Head of Classics, has co-edited (with Monica S. Cyrino of the University of New Mexico) a new book entitled Gladiator, rebel slave leader, revolutionary: a collection of essays dissecting four seasons of STARZ Spartacus (Edinburgh University Press).

The figure of Spartacus often serves as an icon of resistance against oppression in modern political movements, while his legend has inspired numerous receptions over the centuries in many different popular media. This new essay collection by Professors Augoustakis and Cyrino brings together a wide range of scholarly perspectives on the four seasons of the acclaimed and highly successful premium cable television series STARZ Spartacus (2010-13), with contributions from experts in the fields of classics, history, gender, film and media studies, and classical reception.

STARZ Spartacus uncovers a fascinating range of topics and themes within the series such as slavery, society, politics, spectacle, material culture, sexuality, aesthetics, and fan reception. As the first volume of essays published on the entirety of the STARZ Spartacus series, this book is a valuable resource for both students and scholars eager to confront a new Spartacus, as the hero of the slave revolt is recast for a 21st-century audience.