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Waïl Hassan edits new book on Arab novelistic traditions

10/6/2017  8:00 am

Waïl Hassan, Professor of Comparative and World Literature, is the editor of a newly-published book, The Oxford Handbook of Arab Novelistic Traditions.


This new work:


  • Shares latest scholarship on the Arabic novel from its earliest phase to the present
  • Provides new theoretical framework for the study of the Arabic novel
  • Emphasizes development of the novel in every Arabic-speaking country
  • Includes Arab Diaspric novel traditions in thirteen countries


Hassan contributed two chapters of his own and co-wrote two others with Barbara Michalak-Pikulska, Professor of Arabic Literature, University of Cracow, as part of this 776-page tome.


For more about The Oxford Handbook of Arab Novelistic Traditions, visit:


Professor Hassan is a specialist in modern Arabic literature and intellectual history, he is the author of Tayeb Salih: Ideology and the Craft of Fiction (2003) and Immigrant Narratives: Orientalism and Cultural Translation in Arab American and Arab British Literature (OUP, 2011).