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New faces: Aida Talić, Linguistics

9/8/2017  8:00 am

Aida Talić is a new Visiting Assistant Professor of Linguistics.

She received a PhD from the University of Connecticut in 2017.

Her primary research interest in theoretical linguistics is in the area of syntax, but she has also worked on phonology, morphology, semantics and psycholinguistics. Some of the topics she has worked on so far include syntactic and phonological locality, movement, definiteness, specificity, cyclic spell-out, syntax-prosody mapping, accent, tone, domains of phonological processes, and sentence processing.

She has worked with undergraduate students in various linguistics courses as an Instructor or as a Teaching Assistant since 2010. At the University of Connecticut, she was the recipient of the university’s Outstanding Graduate Teaching Award for 2016. While at UConn she also received the Provost Commendation for Excellence in Teaching in 2016, and the David Michaels Teaching Assistant Award for excellence in teaching in 2015.

This fall Aida is teaching LING 301 - Elements of Syntax and LING/PHIL 307 - Elements of Semantics and Pragmatics.

In her spare time, Aida enjoys rock climbing.