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Professor Zong-qi Cai to edit book series, “How to Read Chinese Literature”

3/15/2017  8:00 am

Zong-qi Cai, professor of East Asian Languages and Cultures, has recently signed an agreement with Columbia University to be the general editor of a book series titled “How to Read Chinese Literature.”

Columbia University Press is the oldest and arguably the most prestigious publisher of translations of Asia classics and literary anthologies. “It is a rare honor to be invited to edit a book series for Columbia University,” commented Cai.

The book series consists of ten books, covering traditional Chinese poetry, fiction, drama, prose, and literary theory.

The series, the most comprehensive project of its kind even undertaken in the English-speaking world, aims to “revolutionize the teaching and learning of Chinese literature for the 21st century,” according to Cai.

This series includes his triology on how to read Chinese poetry (the first two already published and the last one now in press).

In addition, Cai will author “How to Read Chinese Literary Theory: A Guided Anthology” and will co-edit two more books: “How to Read Chinese Prose: A Guided Anthology” and “How to Read Chinese Prose: A Language Text.”