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STRONG Kids 2 actively recruiting expectant mothers

Tyler Wolpert
7/18/2016  10:15 am

Be part of a three-year study focused on the healthy growth and development of children!

STRONG Kids 2 is an exciting multi-year project at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign that seeks to learn how food choice, genes, family, and social factors come together to influence children’s healthy development. The project is looking to study 400 families throughout central Illinois with the goal of working with these families for the next three years as a way to gain greater understanding of how food choices, genes, family and social factors can play a part in the health of young children as they grow! Researchers do this through a combination of home visits, surveys, length/height and weight measurements and saliva and stool sampling.

The project is nearing its goal of 400 participant families, but the research team needs your help to reach the finish line. Researchers are looking for several more families to participate in the study. As a participant, researchers will ask to get length and weight measurements on your baby/child five times over three years. These are completed by a trained researcher at the home visit. Additionally, the study will collect one saliva sample from your baby at six weeks, and ask you to collect a stool sample in preparation for each home visit. 

Participants will be compensated at the completion of each home visit with a gift card to a local merchant and may earn up to $365 in gift cards. If interested in more information or participating in the study, please contact STRONG Kids Coordinator Jen Themanson at 217-244-5119 or