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Be a TV Star! Families Needed for Mealtime Minutes PSA Filming

5/17/2013  8:00 am

We are looking for two families to star in one our next Mealtime Minutes PSAs.  This series of PSA's feature real families and offer solutions to common mealtime challenges.  These videos will be released both locally and nationally.  To see prior PSA's visit here.

What we're looking for in a family:  A mom and a dad around their mid-late 30's that have 2-3 children between the ages of 5 and 10 (the ages of the children can be flexible within reason.  For obvious reasons, infants and toddlers aren't a good fit for filming.  Families will receive a generous gift basket filled with fabulous Pampered Chef products!

Acting ability:  NONE!  You just need to be yourselves and follow simple stage directions from the filming crew.  No need to worry about memorizing any lines as the PSA's will feature voice-overs.

Where we will be filming:  We will be doing all the filming for the PSA's here in the Research Home at the Family Resiliency Center so no need to worry about geting your home camera-ready.

When we will be filming:  Shoot dates will be between May 18 and June 2 - you can pick the day that works best for you.  Filming times will be determined by your schedule.  We will provide meals and snacks.

For more information:  If you're interested, or have any questions, please send a photo of your family to Brenda Koester at email or 217.244.6486.