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FRC Director Barbara Fiese Keynote Speaker at NCFR 2012 Annual Convention

10/31/2012  8:00 am

Director of the Family Resiliency Center Dr. Barbara Fiese will be presenting "Childhood Obesity: From the Family Dinner Table to Public Policy" at a plenary session at the 2012 Annual Conference of the National Council on Family Relations on Thursday, Nov 1, 2012 at 1:15 MDT.To watch the presentation live visit:

Dr. Fiese’s research focuses on family-level factors that promote health and well-being in children. Under her leadership the Family Resiliency Center is engaged in numerous initiatives related to families, food, and child health, including Strong Kids, a cross-disciplinary project to examine how genetic, family, community, child care provider, cultural, and media factors contribute to the development of childhood obesity, health behaviors, and health beliefs, and Shared Family Meals, a project designed to understand the economic, cultural, environmental and family-level factors that can lead to increasing the frequency and quality of family mealtimes.

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