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Students Featured at 5th Annual Campus Undergraduate Research Symposium

4/10/2012  8:00 am

Students from both the HDFS 494 STRONG Kids and Food and Family Undergraduate Research Course sections are being featured at the 5th Annual Campus Undergraduate Research Symposium.  This symposium gives undergraduates the opportunity to present their research that they have been working on throughout the year.  Twelve student groups were selected to present posters and four student groups were selected to give a presentation.  The sympoisum schedule with abstracts is available here.

The Family Resiliency Center's Undergraduate Research Courses are two-semester year-long courses that provide students with a first-hand experience working as part of a research team, as well as to help them develop a working knowledge of the theory and applications of trans-disciplinary research used to guide the specific research program. Students will:

 ·         Be provided with an overview of the Research Program issues;

 ·         Develop oral and written communication skills; data management skills; team building skills; critical thinking skills; and professional  work environment skills;

 ·         Be trained in mixed methods relevant to factors that contribute to child and family health;

 ·         Be able to identify opportunities and barriers in transdisciplinary team work;

 ·         Prepare a scientific presentation that reflects the students' knowledge of Transdisciplinary science gained through working on one of the program subprojects. The presentation will be given at a scientific conference held in the spring.