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Leanne Knobloch Featured on Army Wife Talk Radio

3/8/2012  8:00 am


Dr. Leanne Knobloch was featured on Army Wife Talk Radio, an internet talk radio program for Army wives.  She talked about her research project, Resiliency of Military Families, that is examines how military families negotiate the reunion period following deployment.  The funding for this project was provided through the Family Resiliency Center Seed Grant Program.  To listen to the segment visit Army Wife Network (Dr. Knobloch’ s segment starts 37:00 in the segment).


The transition from deployment to reintegration is a challenging time for service members, spouses, and children.  Although all family members are at a greater risk for depression, anxiety, and relationship distress during the transition, some military families are able to thrive in the midst of the upheaval.  The goal of the project is to document the factors that promote resiliency among military families who are navigating the transition from deployment to reintegration. 


Dr. Knobloch is an Associate Professor in the Department of Communication at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  Her research team members include Patricia McGlaughlin, a Youth Development and State Military Liaison and Extension Specialist, and Dr. Aaron Ebata, Associate Professor in the Department of Human and Community Development.