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Food for Thought Series Featuring Dr. Monika Stodolska - December 2, Noon-1

11/21/2011  8:00 am

The Family Resiliency Center is pleased to host Dr. Monika Stodolska for the upcoming Food for Thought lecture on December 2, from Noon - 1 in the Studio (Room 1009) at Doris Kelley Christopher Hall.

Dr. Stodolska, from the Department of Recreation, Sport, and Tourism in the College of Applied Health Sciences will present her talk titled: "Staying Active, Staying Healthy: Challenges and Opportunities for Minority Residents of Urban Communities".

This Food for Thought presentation will focus on roles of physical activity in addressing the obesity epidemic. We will also explore challenges and opportunities Latino and African American residents of central-city Chicago communities face when it comes to their physical activity participation.

Lunch will be provided.

The Family Resiliency Center's Food for Thought Lecture Series challenges attendees to think outside of their typical research by learning about techniques, methods, or problems that they would not typically encounter in their daily research activities.  Presentations last approximately 20 minutes, and presenters may include no more than 9 slides in their talk.  Particular attention is paid to challenges working on interdisciplinary teams.