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Families Say No to TV!

11/11/2011  8:00 am

Dr. Marlene Schwartz recently published an article for the Huffington Post regarding McDonald's launch of its own TV Channel.  Co-authored by the Family Resiliency Center's Director Dr. Barbara Fiese, the article touches upon key issues of why this should be concerning to families. 

The network plans to air segments featuring people who are able to successfully juggle work-life balance, along with up to eight minutes of advertising every hour.  Drs. Schwartz and Fiese, who also co-authored a Social Policy Report Brief in 2008 "The Family Dinner Table: Implications for Children's Health and Wellbeing", discuss the importance of eating together as a family, including scientific evidence that shows that families that eat together several times a week are less likely to have children who are overweight, and more likely to consume fresh fruits and vegetables.  Eating together as a family also helps promote positive parental modeling that can assist in creating a healthier lifestyle for everyone.  
Parents play an important role in promoting healthy eating habits in children, and taking control of the family dinner table by reducing exposure to television while dining, is a critical step to take.  Take a moment to read the post and why you should say "YES" to your family and "NO" to television.  

For more information on how you can begin the conversation at your dinner table, please check out the Family Resiliency Center's Mealtime Minutes initiative, which helps provide real solutions to common mealtime challenges.  There you can find resources, including conversation and tip cards as well as view our "Sibling Conflict Mealtime Minutes" public service announcement.  


Dr. Marlene Schwartz is the Deputy Director for the Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity at Yale University.  You can read more of her articles on the Huffington Post here.